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Are you ready to be a force of positive change within the Ndokwa community? Your involvement can spark transformation, uplift lives, and create lasting impact. Here's how you can get involved with the Ndokwa Association in America - New York, New Jersey Chapter:

1. Become a Member:

Join our community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for empowering Ndokwa communities. Membership opens doors to networking, collaboration, and the opportunity to actively shape our projects and initiatives.


Roll up your sleeves and make a tangible difference on the ground. Whether it's participating in events, distributing relief materials, or lending your skills to projects, your time and effort can create ripples of positive change.


Your financial support fuels our initiatives and amplifies their impact. Every donation, no matter the size, contributes to the betterment of Ndokwa lives, helping us reach more individuals in need.

Spread Awareness:

Help us expand our reach by sharing our mission, projects, and success stories with your social networks. Awareness is a powerful tool that can attract more support and resources to our cause.


If you or your organization have ideas, resources, or expertise that align with our goals, we'd love to collaborate. Together, we can pool our strengths for even greater impact. Contact us for collaboration ideas.

Attend Events:

Participate in our events, workshops, and community gatherings. These platforms foster connections, discussions, and learning experiences that drive positive change.

Share Your Ideas:

We welcome fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. If you have suggestions that can enhance our projects or create new avenues for impact, we'd love to hear from you.

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